Sunnyside is a small charity and welcomes donations and fundraising from individuals or organisations.

Please either add small amounts to our collection tin on site or send us a cheque made payable to “Sunnyside Community Gardens” with a covering letter so we can thank you.

We were very grateful to have been chosen as a Coop local cause in 2018

Sunnyside Community Gardens is very grateful to all the local people who choose us to be their co-op local cause in 2018; In total the coop and it’s members donated £15,907.33 to us to work on the Cook and Grow project on Tuesdays and improve our kitchen facilities. This donation has made a massive difference to us and the work we can do at Sunnyside.  

Many thanks to the following individuals and organisations for their generous recent donations;

Second Chance – The Charity Shop of Archway Methodist Church – £500 – March 2019

Sunnyside Sunday Social – £75.20 – February 2019

Sunnyside Sunday Social –  £166.65- December 2018

Sunnyside Sunday Social – £180.33 – November 2018

Sunnyside Sunday Social – £60.44 – October 2018

Sunnyside Sunday Social – £131.00 – September 2018

Sunnyside Sunday Social – £136.35 – August 2018

Cassandra Mayer made a donation in memory of Maurice Melzak who loved and cared for birds throughout his life . We spent this donation cleaning out and putting up new bird boxes all over Sunnyside and also getting some lovely bird books to inspire our volunteers – £1,000.00 – July 2018

Co-op Local Cause – £2,364.09 – July 2018

Sunnyside Sunday Social – £254.81 – July 2018

Waitrose Kings Cross – £200 – June 2018

Second Chance (run by the local Methodist church) – £500.00 – June 2018

Sunnyside Sunday Social – £114.90 – June 2018

Islington Giving administered by Cripplegate Foundation – £2,800.00  – May 2018 

Sunnyside Sunday Social – £195.00 – May 2018

Sunnyside Sunday Social – £55.99 – March 2018

Skipton Building Society Charitable Foundation – £400.00 – February 2018

Sunnyside Sunday Social – £66.99 – February 2018

Sunnyside Sunday Social – £88.53 – January 2018

Sunnyside Sunday Social – £106.46 – December 2017

Co-op Local Cause – £2,474.19 – November 2017

Sunnyside Sunday Social – £80.00 – November 2017

Sunnyside Sunday Social – £47.15 – October 2017

Sunnyside Sunday Social – £59.50 – September 2017

G.L. Landscapes – Top soil and plants – August 2017

Sunnyside Sunday Social – £66.70 – August 2017

Waitrose Crouch End – £132.00 – July 2017

Second Chance (run by the local Methodist church) – £1,000.00 – July 2017

Flymo has kindly donating a number of high quality tools from their sister company Gardena to Sunnyside Community Gardens. This includes; 2 pairs of loppers, 30m hose , 2 pairs of secateurs and one trowel – September 2018

Flymo has been established since 1964 and is still situated in its original factory in County Durham. Since inventing the original hover lawnmower, Flymo have continued to be at the forefront of innovations within the garden care industry, making them one of the most trusted gardening brands today.

We were very lucky to receive a grant from Awards 4 All, Big lottery fund to replace the the back fence and the pond area in 2017.

Many thanks to everyone who worked on this area especially the TCV volunteers and Todor Kroumov and everyone at Sunray TK Ltd for your hard work, Awards 4 All, Big lottery fund gave us glowing feedback.

Thank you so much for your wonderful before and after photo’s. What a magnificent improvement the funding and your hard work has made to the fence and the pond area! We are delighted that your project was a success and are proud to have supported this wonderful community project.”