Job Description – Community Gardener 2019

We are now looking for a Community Gardener or gardeners to join our community. We have funding for a community gardener to work with our volunteers and the local community for the three days we are open; Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. Each of the days is quite different so we welcome applications for one, two or all three days.

Sunnyside Community Gardens is in Archway, North Islington. As a community gardens local volunteers run Sunnyside and do all the maintenance and gardening work that needs to be done to keep it looking beautiful. Sunnyside also has a long history of providing therapeutic horticulture for people with disabilities, and those recovering from illness. This means we are a truly diverse community with a real mix of local residents involved. We have been here since 1977, and registered as a charity in 1992.Our 2019 program is to get more people involved in the Gardens and also to improve the space for nature and the local community.

This role would involve:

You are paid for an 8 hour day (including a one hour break), Sunnyside is only open for 6 hours from 10am till 4pm where you will be expected to be on site the whole time. You will have an opportunity to have lunch and tea breaks with volunteers but you will not be able to go off site during these times or organise personal business. Therefore the two additional hours in each day are to cover your breaks and also any occasional meetings, planning, preparation and write up time that you need to complete the role.

The pay will be: £100 per day. You will need to be self-employed, invoice us every month and be responsible for your own tax.

We have funding for all three projects until the end of December 2019.

All applicants must have worked with community groups or managing volunteers before and have gardening or conservation experience and/or qualifications.

As the post may involve contact with vulnerable adults, a satisfactory Disclosure and Barring Service check will be required in the event of a successful application. A criminal record will not necessarily be a bar to obtaining the position.

Sunnyside Community Gardens has an Equal Opportunities Policy. The requirements for outdoor work in areas with access difficulties should be borne in mind by applicants.

Please make clear in your application which of the three days you are applying for;

  • Mondays – Green Gym, our most active day with volunteers gardening to get fit. This group needs a person with professional gardening skills and great communication skills. It would be desirable if they had experience of managing corporate volunteers.
  • Tuesdays – Cook and Grow, a day when people can come and takethings at their own pace and have lunch with the rest of the volunteers. Thisgroup needs a person with therapeutic horticultural experience, experience of growing herbs and vegetables, experience of people with special needs and a confident cook who is happy to make simple lunches.
  • Fridays – Morris Family Garden, a day when volunteers will be workingwith a gardener to develop the Morris Family Garden. Though a few people areinterested this group hasn’t been formed yet. For Fridays we need someone capable of developing a garden, welcoming in new volunteers and also makingprogress in the garden when there are no volunteers available. It would be desirable if they had experience of managing corporate volunteers.

General Person Specification


  • Knowledge & competence in horticulture or practical conservation
  • Experience managing volunteers
  • Experience working in community settings
  • Exceptional communication skills, ability to manage own time, workload and priorities
  • Experienced and skilled in working with a range of people from a very diverse range of backgrounds and a wide range of abilities
  • Happy to have a DBS check
  • First Aid certificate
  • Self employed


  • Experience supporting people with mental health difficulties
  • Experience of supporting people with learning difficulties
  • Experience of working with groups or individuals in improving health
  • Happy to become part of the Sunnyside Community
  • Experience working with corporate volunteers (Relevant for Mondays and Fridays only)
  • Basic knowledge of cooking & healthy eating (Only relevant for Tuesdays)
  • Food Hygiene certificate (Only relevant for Tuesdays)

The successful candidate will be expected to occasionally attend trustee meetings or events out of the normal working hours.

Sunnyside is proud to be an equal opportunity employer and is committed to building a workenvironment that is both diverse and accessible. You will receive considerationfor employment regardless of race, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, or age.

To Apply:

Please email Anna Portch at sunnysidecommunitygardencentre@gmail.comCV and short cover letter outlining how your experience relates to the person specification and which day/days you are applying for.

Application deadline 10 am, Monday 14th January 2019

Interviews Monday 21st January 2019

Working hours / dates 10 am – 4pm + 1prep etc. + 1 hour break. One day a week on either on a Mon, Tue or Fridepending on project starting in February 2019

Wage  £100 per day (self-employed)

Additional Training opportunities available