Sunnyside Community Gardens is shut for all activities, including volunteer gardening, care work, nature club and all other activities. Please follow government guidelines and we look forward to seeing you when this is over.


Lots of the Sunnyside Community are in their flats missing our lovely gardens. Therefore they are looking after their house plants more than ever and also making mini gardens with what they have lying around. See their pictures to inspire you to do the same. We will be sharing your mini garden pictures on social media to create a virtual Sunnyside.


Welcome to Sunnyside

Sunnyside Community Gardens is a massive back garden for local people who live in near by flats with no or very small gardens and it is run by the tiny Sunnyside Community Gardens Charity #1092031.

Our lovely community of volunteers are all staying home. Therefore there is no one around to garden, pick up litter or dog poo. If you are using Sunnyside for exercise please;

  • Take your litter home with you
  • Pick up your dog’s poo

As soon as this is over volunteers will be very welcome, as we will have a lot of tidying and catching up to do.

When we open up again we will be looking for new volunteers from the local community, as there is always so much gardening, maintenance and conservation work to be done. No experience needed but a friendly inclusive attitude to everyone who visits the garden is essential. At the moment we have a wide range of volunteers from students, to retired people, parents with babies, people who work shifts, professional gardeners, people recovering from long term illness, people with disabilities and everyone else too. The visitors, users and volunteers all contribute to make a friendly and inclusive community. If you would like to join in, come and have a chat, fill in a volunteer form next time we are open and we will organise a time for you to get started.

Mondays – Closed

Open 10.00am till 4.00pm

Green Gym 10.45am till 2.00pm

Come and get fit and do gardening and conservation volunteering at Sunnyside

Tuesdays – Closed

Open 10.00am till 4.00pm

Cook and Grow 11.00 am till 4.00pm

Learn some gardening skills and cook and enjoy a delicious lunch at this relaxed volunteering day where you can take things at your own pace

Fridays – Closed

Open 10.00am till 4pm

Drop in Gardening 10.00am till 4.00pm

Come and join a new group of volunteers to maintain the Morris Family Garden and develop the plant nursery



Nature Club for Parents and under 5’s – Closed

Friday’s 10am till mid-day

Drop in nature activities, songs and stories for children with their parents run by Forest School leader Nadine

About Sunnyside

Sunnyside Community Gardens is in Archway, North Islington. Sunnyside is a very social place and our gardening work is done by volunteers, and we have a volunteer management committee. People are welcome to help out, if you would like to join in come along when we are open and introduce yourself and let us know your interests.

Sunnyside also has a long history of providing therapeutic horticulture for people with disabilities, and those recovering from illness. This means we are a truly diverse community with a real mix of local residents involved. Though you do not need to be an expert in disabilities to volunteer at Sunnyside, you need to have a friendly and positive attitude towards people with disabilities.

Sunnyside Community Gardens were formed after a campaign by local people in 1977, and registered as a charity in 1992. Local residents set up Sunnyside and developed the main site into a beautiful organic garden, designated as a site of importance for nature conservation, with a wildlife pond.  Local volunteers still maintain the gardens in all their beauty. As well as the nature reserve we have a fenced off plant nursery across the road where we grow plants to use in Sunnyside and we also manage the formal Peace Garden in Elthorne Park. This means Sunnyside is a big and varied garden that is always needs lots of volunteer gardeners to keep it looking its best.

We love our local community and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Pop in when we are open to let us know how you can help.