We are fundraising for a building

Please help us raise the first £5,000 for a much needed building, replacing the one that burnt down ten years ago. You can donate on our GoFundMe page https://gofund.me/f99be38e

Sunnyside Community Gardens are always open to the public

Sunnyside Community Gardens are unique as we are always open for the public to enjoy. Our gardens are a massive back garden for local people who live in near by flats with no or very small gardens and we are run by the tiny Sunnyside Community Gardens Charity #1092031.

New gardening volunteers are made very welcome. 

Sunnyside has a long history of providing therapeutic horticulture for people with disabilities, and those recovering from illness. This means we are a truly diverse community with a real mix of local residents involved. Though you do not need to be an expert in disabilities to volunteer at Sunnyside, you need to have a friendly and positive attitude towards people with disabilities.

Sunnyside Community Gardens were formed after a campaign by local people and they started working to create the garden in October 1977. The gardens had a grand opening on 29th July 1978 and first registered as a charity in 1992 and registered in its current format on 15th May 2002. Volunteer gardeners from the local community have looked after Sunnyside for over 40 years. Everyone is invited to come and visit the gardens and appreciate all their hard work. Sunnyside is now a beautiful organic garden, designated as a site of importance for nature conservation, with a wildlife pond.  As well as the nature reserve we have a fenced off plant nursery across the road where we grow plants to use in Sunnyside and we also garden in the formal Peace Garden in Elthorne Park.

This means Sunnyside is a big and varied garden that is always needs lots of volunteer gardeners to keep it looking its best. Come join us for gardening, new volunteers are always welcome.

Please show your love for our gardens by;

Taking only pictures & leaving only footprints

Picking up your dog’s poo and taking litter home with you


Look on our volunteer page to find out more about how to join our friendly community

We love our local community and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Pop comments and offers of help into our post-box.