Sunnyside Community Gardens relies on groups of philanthropic people who want to make a big impact and get their hands dirty.

We are very lucky because we get amazing groups of volunteers who want a special day out of the office. These groups help us with big jobs that we couldn’t do on our own as well as make a minimum donation of £40 per person. Volunteer groups need to have a can-do attitude and be positive with our regular volunteers and clients who they spend the day with. These groups play a crucial role in helping our regular volunteers keeping Sunnyside open and looking beautiful for the local community and the adults with disabilities who come to us for Therapeutic Horticulture.




    “We had a fantastic day! It was great to be outside, doing something where you could see the benefit, both to those who use the garden regularly and to the wider community. It was also really nice to have a day which was the complete antithesis of being in the office, in terms of the environment and the skills we were using”

Catherine from NHS England

If your work place would like a day out of the office where you make a real difference to a small community charity and get to spend the day outdoors in some lovely gardens then Sunnyside may well be the place for you.

Please email to find out more; Anna Portch at [email protected]